Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Resolution Update and Current State of Health

So... I was checking out my 2019 Resolutions. Here's an update:

1. Clean up my diet - Um... not quite. I've had spurts where I've done well but overall my eating has been worse this year than it's been since 2014. It's mainly the sweets but I've let a lot of processed/snack/junk food sneak in too. Even some fast food on occasion. And with the sweets it's been A LOT of binging. Like more sugar in one night than I used to have in a month type binging. Obviously, this is still a work in progress. 

2. Run Half-Marathon sub-2 - YES! Did this in June. Admittedly, it was a downhill course but still! Clocked in at 1:58:37

3 & 4. Because of weight and diet mainly I won't be able to achieve these. Definitely will be a goal for 2020 though.

5. Run 1,200 miles. I'm right on pace to do this. And every month except October I ran 100+. I'm confident that I'll hit 1,200 by end of year. I already have a goal of 2,020 combined running/biking miles for 2020. With at least 1,200 coming via running.

There you have it. Not quite hitting all my goals but making some. Always room for improvement. I'm hoping to blog a little more in the near future. About everything from my health and fitness. To my views on current health trends, conventional thinking, health myths, etc.


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