Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 Fitness Goals

So, looks like I "only" completed one of my 2019 goals (officially). I did run a Half-Marathon in less than 2 hours. Kind of faded at the end with the running mileage goal. Still managed to do 1,145 miles. Not bad.

Here are my 2020 goals:

1. Run at least one marathon. Hopefully in less than 5 hours. There's really no reason why I can't do this. I just have to clean up my diet and train. I've done it before and I can do it again.

2. Finish 2020 weighing less than 220lbs. I'm normally loathe to make weight loss goals but I'm going to this year. At the present time I weigh nearly 240lbs. I'm really not feeling good about my weight. It's affecting many aspects of my life. That being said, I'm still EXTREMELY grateful for having the opportunity to get bariatric surgery five years ago. Weighing over 400lbs was not good, to say the least. If I really do things right as far as changing my diet and exercising regularly I believe I can maintain a weight around 200lbs.

3. Run/Walk/Hike/Bike/Swim 2020 total miles. According to Stava I did over 1,600 in 2019. This is kind of a fun one in honor of the year. 2020 looks as if it's going to be a tumultuous year so I definitely want to stay focused on my health and fitness. Of these 2020 miles I want at least 1200 to be running miles. And again like last year, try to be consistent, 100+ a month.

So, that's it for this year. Achievable and realistic. On the non-fitness side I definitely want to be a better person. I think I'm alright but I could use a little more grace in my life. I'm a CASA now and want to be a good mentor/friend to my little guy this year.

With 2020 being the start of a new decade I thought I'd set some '20s Decade goals:

1. Run one Full Marathon a year. This would be pretty cool if I did.

2. NEVER get above 250lbs. Obviously I'd like to not get close to that number but if I can end this decade at a decent weight I'd be really happy. When I had surgery the goal was to improve my quality of life for the long term. I want to continue to be happy and healthy.


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