Monday, November 2, 2020

2020 Hope Street

Today is the day, ELECTION DAY. It's been a while since I posted. The Coronavirus has claimed 235,000 American lives and infected almost 10 million. I think if Biden gets elected we can probably keep this death toll under half a million by the time it dies down late next year. But if Trump is re-elected I'm thinking it will be closer to a million Americans. And if that's the case there will be a good chance someone close to me will time. America is at a crossroads. Over the next 24 hours (and maybe several days thereafter) we'll find out a lot about America and democracy.

My "official" prediction is Biden will win. I just filled out my map on fivethirtyeight. 409 Electoral Votes for the former Vice President. I'm sure I won't get all the states right but I'm confident that he's going to win handily. I HAVE TO BE OPTIMISTIC. I love this country and refuse to believe that we could re-elect this monster. The title of this post is my actual street address. I have a wonderful, simple life. I have great landlords who have a couple cats that hang out at my place. I have a great girlfriend. I have a great job. I live in America's "Happiest" city, in the BEST state and BEST country in the history of the world. I'm confident that my fellow Americans will affirm that tomorrow.


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