Monday, December 16, 2019

In Sickness

I'm sick. Legitimately sick. Today will be the fourth straight that I've taken off from work. I'm in the worst health state (overall) that I've been in since January of 2015. I don't know what I'm doing. I keep eating crap. Fast food, convenience food, junk food, sweets, desserts, candy, ice cream (yes, I know some of these overlap). I know what foods are generally "bad" for me. And I keep eating them. I don't have any good reason other than they taste good. Oh, and I'm addicted to them.

I want to change. I REALLY DO. And I know I can. After my surgery I went over three years eating relatively well. I was able to drastically change so many aspects of my health. Heck, I ran a MARATHON. I tried running yesterday and could barely muster a couple of miles. (being sick didn't help, obviously)

Maybe I need OA? Maybe I need to pray? Maybe I need a frontal lobotomy? The solutions are simple. The execution isn't easy though.

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